Right to Keep & Bear Arms

Do not encumber the right of individuals to keep and bear arms: restore the constitutional Militia to the state of Michigan

Article I. Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution both establish that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms for the security of the State and for their own persons, persons having no prior record of crimes against persons or property involving the use of a firearm should be permitted to own and carry arms, in any fashion they so choose, unencumbered by the State or the Federal government. I affirm that all laws, which support the prosecution of persons using firearms in the commission of crimes against real persons or property, should be strictly enforced.

Also, consistent with the original intent of the Founders and Framers of this nation, we affirm that a constitutional Militia must be re-established and returned to the State of Michigan and to the several states. The current Michigan National Guard has been gradually transformed and “federalized” into a standing army reserve. State and local police agencies have been “federalized” and thus threaten state, local and individual sovereignty. The control must be returned to the State of Michigan. Until a constitutional militia is restored to the State of Michigan, federal assistance and encumbrances upon State and Local police must be eliminated, returning accountability only to the State of Michigan, and the local municipalities.

Also, I reject the use of federal troops or police for the use of civilian population command and control. That would be the responsibility of the properly constituted and regulated constitutional militia.

Let’s face it, west Michigan is special.

Thank you for checking out my campaign website and taking the time to learn more about me and how I want to represent the good people of the 74thd District.

Why Run?  ...because I want to serve the people of our district and represent OUR shared values and OUR shared interests in Lansing.

I have been working hard to earn the support of the district.  I know that my perseverance, determination and commitment will resonate with the district and am hopeful that 2022 is OUR year.

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